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Combine features seamlessly, customize everything.

Choose a Phone Number
Choose a Free Phone number from a list of Local or Toll free numbers, Or Port-in your number from another provider. Then choose a plan based on your needs, you can always switch between plans.
Create Your Call Trace
Login to our portal and define what happens when a Call comes in – This could be as easy as a simple call forwarding to your Cell phone or designing multi layer call routes, Greetings and IVRs.
Stay Connected
Communicate with your customers and staff on any platform or device from anywhere in the world. Enjoy true mobility and monitor every single call and SMS in and out.
All in One Platform

Business Phone

Easy to Use & Control


VoIP phone systems have a lot of benefits , Here are our top 3 when you switch to Calltecs:

Low Cost & Scalability
No matter small or large , we offer cost-saving opportunities for all our customers. Calltecs’s basic line starts from only $10 / month with a long list of features. Also you can add more services and features as your business grows making it a real scalable system.
The Best Features
Auto attendant, Greeting , Voicemail To Email and so many other features are all available with only a click . All basic features like Call waiting , Call forwarding and Caller ID are included in all plans.
Sound Professional
Personalise how you answer a phone call . Use our voice greeting, Extensions and direct calls to the right department.

Discover some of our featured products

We got you covered when it comes to your communication needs. We offer variety of services and phone numbers both virtual numbers or wireless ( real SIM Cards).

CallTecs Most Popular Services
Cloud-based Phone
Take advantage of cloud based systems and get more flexibility and Portabily with no extra cost
Physical SIM Card
SIM Box Roaming solution enables you to use your Local SIM Card when you travel and not paying for roaming.
SMS Solution
Use our SMS service to Send notifications , reminders and marketing materials or simply use it to receive verification codes.
Free Roaming
SIM Box Roaming solution enables you to use your Local SIM Card when you travel and not paying for roaming.

Control Every Details with Easy to Use Panel.

You can control everything easily with our well-designed panel, from IVR design, voicemail report, call reports, create your own greetings all the way to complete and detailed call recording and even more!